Innovation happens in the  overlap of technical and behavioral change. My goal is to stay in the innovation zone, and promote the opportunities for the benefit of communities around the world.

The companies I represent are providing the following generative AI SaaS services:

⚠ I will never ask for payment or deposits to hire ⚠
My name is being used in a recruitment scam at the moment. My company, or me, will never ask for any kind of payment from anyone hired or being considered. We also do not ask to fill PDF forms. More information here.

Creative AI

In recent years, I have been working with creative artifical intelligence. I educate, inspire, plan and implement generative AI products. You can see examples of projects in creative AI here and conventional AI here.

I speak at events and hold ChatGPT and creative AI training. My next public training course is organized by Professio. My style is to focus on inspiring with practical examples, and focus on solving practical solutions for actual tasks. I believe in “show, not tell” style of training. See some of my Youtube video below to get an idea of my style.

You can reach me at [email protected] or at my LinkedIn page


Did I promise to send everyone the slides but forgot to ask for the e-mails? Sorry, it sometimes happens for scatterbrains like me. Luckily, you get the presentations here!

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Some photos I find the most interesting along the years. Now I photograph with Canon 6D, but earlier years I did use pocket cameras, smartphones, and then Olympus E-510 and Canon 600D. The best camera is the one you have with you.

Contact information

This is my website for presentations and notes – mostly relating to innovation, technology and (digital) consumer behavior. Photography as a hobby as well as slightly work related.

Innovation happens at the crossroads of behavior change and technological advancement. Contact me for related topics. I do innovation workshops, speaking engagements and currently, in my daily work, I promote the possibilities of A.I. and the new human-machine interfaces. I often translate innovation opportunities into code  together with my talented colleagues at Kwork Innovations.

My experience is in industrial management, e-commerce, digital marketing and software development. I studied industrial management and marketing at the great universities of Tampere and Kuopio, done Specialist Qualification in Corporate Management at Chamber of Commerce institute and multiple Microsoft Technology Specialist and Developer Qualifications. Some highlights from my work are early work as young e-commerce entrepreneur since 1999, patented web embedding technology, and transformation of software development process to pass the Secure Software Development audit.

[email protected], +358 44 323 7002